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"Your interpretation of the game is more important than my intentions. Please play the game before you read this." - Opening Sentence from the Creator's Statement


It is often difficult to write a review for an Art-Game. For one, if I were to call to your attention certain aspects and details of the game, I would be forcing my interpretation on you before you have even begun playing. Two, I may get flamed for giving what some may consider to be utterly pointless mini-programs an A rating. Nevertheless, I will attempt to describe to you what Passage offers.

Passage is an Art-Game. It is more like viewing a painting or listening to Bach than, say, mindlessly pwning zombies with a shotgun. For those who are looking for a burst of adrenaline, it is advised that you stay away from this game.

For everyone else, sit down for 5 minutes and be prepared to reflect upon your own life.


One game of Passage lasts exactly 5 minutes. The player moves with the arrow keys both vertically and horizontally. Actually,moving at all is optional; the player may simply choose to stand still for 5 minutes. Regardless of what you choose to do, where you choose to go, how you do what you do, and who you do these things with within the 5 minutes, you will discover things, fail to discover things, and eventually die. There is a number near the top of the screen. The number goes up as you journey and uncover new mysteries. Observe how the number goes up, and then, at the very end, decide what that number means or does not mean to you, along with everything you have seen throughout your 5-minute life.




Play as many times as you feel is necessary.




Very good. Turn it on.


No comments.

-Additional Note-

After playing through Passage yourself, read the Creator's Statement to see what the author wanted to express, as well as the background story behind the making of this game. The link is accessible by clicking the name of the author near the top of this review.