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"My friend eventually removed life support, and his mother eventually died. I, on the other hand, found myself more and more swamped by the success of Passage, to the point where I was spending most of my time dealing with publicity and very little time contemplating what I should work on next. As the first publicity swell passed, I found myself questioning the point of my work, and my mood darkened significantly... Perhaps at the emotional low-point of this cycle, I decided that I shouldn't waste any more time dealing with Passage inquiries. I needed to start working on a new game. But what would it be about? One night, while lying in bed, the idea hit me: I needed to make a game about this process that I was going through. About success, and creative leaps, and mania, and mood cycles, and the aftermath." -Exerpt from the Creator's Statement


Gravitation is another Art-Game by the creator of Passage (highly recommended, also available on TheGameHippo). It was inspired by the creative process the creator experienced during the making of Passage. Much of the comments from the review for Passage still apply to Gravitation. If you have not experienced the beauty of Passage yet, go try it first.


In comparison to Passage, Gravitation makes use of significantly more complex gameplay mechanics. It also feels more like an actual game with a sense of objective (whether this sort of a feeling is a good thing should be reflected upon at the end of the game), which is part of the meaning the author is attempting to express.

The length of one game of Gravitation is 7 minutes, slightly longer than the 5 minutes provided by Passage.

If Passage was to you an emotionally wavy but smooth ride, expect Gravitation to provide a great high and a terrible crash.




Replay as you please.


While there appears to be no change from Passage, the author did experiment with higher resolution. It ultimately did not appear in the final version, as the author decided that Passage's graphics were superior. See the Creator's Statement for details.


Very good. It is actually layered so that certain events may make the timbre thinner or thicker.


No comments.

-Additional Notes-

- Don't forget that you can press space to jump now.

- The Creator's Statement can be accessed by clicking on the name of the author near the top of this review.