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Hive Rise


If you're even slightly interested in RTS games, skip the review and download this NOW!

Hive Rise is a clever entry into the growing Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy genre. Each time you hop into the game you're pitted against every would-be commander in an effort to destroy as much as you can!

It's hard for a lot of people to grasp how an RTS can be massively multiplayer, but Hive Rise has managed to come up with a very unique system that, plain and simply, works. Every player is dropped into a massive map filled with an undetermined number of players and given ten minutes with which to annihilate their opponents and gain points. Once the ten minutes ends, the player is removed from the game and given a final score tally which applies to their current scoreboard standing.

Because each player only has ten minutes, a single player is unable to become overpowered and monopolize the map. The developers have skillfully crafted the gameplay around this mechanic, which means you can get your base up and running in less than a minute. The fast pace and quick pre-carnage phase of Hive Rise makes it amazingly fun to play! Oh, it's also great for coffee breaks!

It's nice that there is a buddy system that allows you to jump onto the map close to your friends as well as team up with them. The addition of private matches is also a plus, but we found it much more fun to gang up and slaughter everyone on the public map.

What amazed both SoupHat and I is the absence of almost any lag. There was not a single occurrence where the lag lasted more than 5 seconds and even those instances were one in a million.

Because Hive Rise is an MMO, it utilizes some cool use of micro-transactions to enable the use of power-ups each time you hop in the game. These power-ups range from Air Strikes to extra time on the map and provide nice luxuries that still don't make you too powerful. The micro-transactions are dirt cheap compared to other games, and the ability to get them permanently (if you wanna pay a little more) is something unique to the game. We estimate that you'll pay about 6 bucks per upgrade if you want to make them permanent and about 50 cents to a buck if you want them for the 3 or 30 day time frames.

While Hive Rise is quite balanced, it does have two major flaws. Maps are all basically the same, being flat spaces of mainly desert with bases in an octagonal grid pattern. The game also doesn't have its own soundtrack, instead relying on what appears to be a set of (German) internet radio stations. Even with these flaws, however, Hive Rise manages to amaze with its surprisingly great gameplay.

Striker's Personal Opinion

I suck at RTS games... seriously. However, SoupHat and I managed to get on the daily Top Score leader-board after only a few hours of annihilating everyone in every round. Check out Screen 3 to see how much we like to brag.

SoupHat's Personal Opinion

This game is ridiculously fun! I honestly haven't the slightest idea why this multiplayer RTS isn't more popular, as I find it infinitely more fun than even the most popular subscription-based MMO games by brand-name publishers. It's like the off-brand Lucky Charms, but at the price of free!

Overall, we agree that Hive Rise provides the most fun we've ever had with an RTS. We HIGHLY recommend you download it!