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Survival Crisis Z


Freeware games are severely lacking in the Survival-Horror genre. Luckily I've found one of the few games that manages to combine the essence of Survival-Horror, the quests and skills of an RPG, and the action of a shooter into one enjoyable experience.

Survival Crisis Z is, at its core, a sandbox Action-RPG. You're basically plopped into the middle of a randomly generated city and tasked with staying alive. You spend most of your time looting abandoned buildings and running errands for safe-house leaders.

The city population is split into four different factions: Neutral, Rebel, SWAT, and Undead. You can choose to join one of the first three when you start your game, however, I don't see any advantage to picking anything other than neutral. The Rebels and the SWAT factions are against each other, for some odd reason, so neutral is the way to go in my opinion.

One of the cooler features in Survival Crisis Z is the ability to have party members. Taking on escort missions or delivery missions will add members to your party. If you take over a safe-house (which is very hard to do), you will also gain supporters who will follow you around. A neat little touch in the game is the fact that your party members will spout out various statements and will even have conversations with each other. This really adds a sense of realism to the game and increases your disappointment when a party member dies.

A key aspect of the game that I often overlooked is Fatigue and Hunger. You need to have a constant supply of food and caffeine pills if you don't want your movement speed restricted. You can also pay to rest up at safe-houses, which also restores your health. This adds an extra survival element to the game, though it's not a huge part.

The graphics are fairly decent, utilizing 2D sprites with a hint of pseudo-3D walls and objects, the controls are quite alright, though they take some getting used to, and the atmosphere fits great with its day/night effects.

Overall, Survival Crisis Z is a fun Survival-Horror-RPG-Shooter. The randomly generated cities add a ton of replay value to the game and the idea of having a group of followers help you fight off zombie hordes is exciting. Bottom line: I highly recommend playing Survival Crisis Z.