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Welcome to the backwater town of Lauder; the perfect setting for horror. Everything about the town just screams "bad things are going to happen here". The residents are wary of outsiders; the last outsiders to move in brought horrific events with them. You are Nick Cane, a mine prospector, who came to town to check out the local coal mine but gets dragged into a twenty year old mystery.

Fiend is a great survival horror game, but has a few pitfalls. The first (and most noticeable) is the massive amounts of grammatical and spelling errors made by the authors in the game dialogue. Many conversations have long run-on sentences, bad (or lack of) punctuation, and many lines are needlessly long-winded and don't feel natural.

Another (huge) problem with the game is its compatibility. I had to partake in about 30 minutes of tweaking system settings and searching the internet (for two separate computers) to get it to run at all. This is most likely because it was created for older PCs, but could still be a large problem for many people. I can give no guarantee that Fiend will work on newer systems.

Fiend is amazingly atmospheric. The town feels even more scary than it is. The creatures scare the mother-cuddling bojangles out of you. The (corny) sound effects do their jobs very well and still somehow manage to scare you. The creators did a great job at creating a creepy atmosphere.

The graphics are also quite well designed. Everything in the game looks quite detailed. The background noise is also quite good. It lends itself well to making the area feel more-or-less abandoned.

Fiend is a pants-wettingly creepy survival horror game that could probably make a grown man cry (if he is playing it in a dark room).