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Screenshot of GLtronScreenshot of GLtronScreenshot of GLtron



GLtron is a well done arcade game based on a game from the movie Tron. It feels a bit retro-styled because of this, and its gameplay stays faithful to the movie.

In GLtron you will take control of a light cycle that is zooming through the game grid at breakneck speeds, leaving a solid wall behind you. The object of the game is to outwit the other players into hitting either the outer wall of the game grid or your light cycle's trail. You can only turn 90 degrees at a time, making this a surprisingly difficult game to master.

GLtron also supports up to four player local multiplayer on the same machine. This may not be the most enjoyable type of multiplayer, but it does allow for two good friends to go head to head against each-other.

GLtron is a great freeware game that is good for a short burst of gameplay.

The provided screenshots were taken from the game's homepage because the computer used to run the game was unable to create screenshots.