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Warzone 2100


In Warzone 2100 you take control of the "Project" forces in an attempt to rebuild the world after nuclear disaster. To do this you must locate artifacts from before the war and use them to create more destructive weapons for your tanks.

At first glance Warzone 2100 appears to be your run-of-the-mill real-time strategy game. Your goal is to eliminate your enemies by gathering resources, building an army, and expanding your base of operations. You can order your units to do things such as build, repair, and attack. Beyond this, though, Warzone 2100 is anything but an average real-time strategy game. Every unit that you build is designed (and named) by you using different unit pieces such as machine guns, radar dishes, and even repair cranes.

To get more tank building-blocks you must scout the area for artifacts from before the war, bring them back to your base of operations, and research them. The bulk of multiplayer revolves around getting these artifacts as normally the player with the biggest guns has the biggest advantage.

You can build units other than tanks later on, such as cyborgs and aircraft, but the basic idea remains the same. Strategic customization is key for winning battles, as each piece of each unit has different properties.

Warzone 2100's graphics are average but serve their purpose well. Most objects are very simple in shape. You can also discern tanks from other units, and can tell different tank types apart from each other for the most part. My only complaint is that many of the textures are a bit low-resolution for my tastes.

The only real problem with the game is its clunky control scheme. It functions like many older real-time-strategy games. Right click deselects any selected units, and left click selects and gives orders. However, right click also opens menus for objects that set various behaviors such as when a unit will retreat from battle. Unfortunately, anyone used to more modern RTS controls schemes that use right click for actions will be initially confused. Furthermore, right clicking does not always produce the same result, and units are not always deselected when you give a deselection order to the game. This is incredibly annoying, and I have actually screamed at my computer because of this problem.

Despite its few pitfalls, Warzone 2100 is definitely a must-play and also a great game to play with friends. It has an interesting campaign mode and a great multiplayer mode. In addition, creating an army of missile shooting tanks and then using them to blast the living muffins out of your friends is a whole lot of fun.

Gameplay: A

Story: C

Sound: B

Graphics: B-