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Icy Tower


There has been a great abundance of arcade games available on the internet for quite some time now. Unfortunately The vast majority of them prove to be clones of previous endeavours or fail to be efficient killers of our time. However, Icy Tower is an enjoyable arcade game which contains bright graphics, humorous sound effects and furiously addictive game play.

In Icy Tower you must help 'Harold the Homeboy' to climb as high as he can through the various floors of the tower. You can also choose to play as 'Disco Dave', who has no unique abilities, but has his own background music and sound effects. There is also a template of Harold available for you to customise and it's possible to import characters of your own creation or the community's.

The aim of the game is to earn points by executing jump combos (the longer the better) and climbing as high as you can while working against the clock. Every full rotation of the clock's hand will cause an increase in speed of the bar at the bottom of the screen. When the bar catches up with you, it's game over. The graphics are decent and are very fitting to the game. While Harold's whoops and cries are humorous at first, they do become somewhat tiresome.

As mentioned earlier, it's possible to import custom characters from the community. However most of them are simply sprites ripped from famous games of our childhood and really don't do much to alter the game's experience anyway. You can also save replays and share them with your friends, but I find replays of the game fail to hold my attention for long.

Overall, it's a very simple little game but proves highly addictive for a week or so. I'm afraid after that, it loses a considerable degree of its charm, but you may still find yourself returning to it now and again. I highly recommend this game for a younger audience.