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Dungeon Door


Dungeon Door is an isometric turn-based tactical RPG played in the classic style of dungeon crawl and is brought to you by Penguin Adventure. It features a cast of six unique anthropomorphic characters, randomized dungeons of increasing difficulty, appealing graphics, dynamic music, compelling AI and accessibility to both the casual and serious gamer.

You begin each level with a random selection of four heroes, each with their own unique class and abilities. It is up to you to discern what strategies will work best in relation to the team you are presented with. Rather than following a storyline or a strict linear path, every dungeon is randomly generated and contains various enemies with their own distinct characteristics. Quest goals are only revealed by playing through the dungeon and can involve elimination of a boss, discovering treasure, escorting an NPC and so forth.

The turn based combat system is simple yet effective. Every class has their own methods of fighting and have power gauges that are depleted by use of certain attacks. The six classes available are as follows: Defender, Healer, Archer, Assassin, Wizard and Summoner. Attacking a target or how much damage you deal is judged by proximity, power level or other parameters. Both playable characters and NPCs can be rendered poisoned, confused and other hindering states. There are no complex leveling systems; abilities are simply upgraded by the click of a mouse as you advance in level, which I found to be a nice touch.

However, one of my main gripes with the game is the interface; nearly all commands and actions are carried out by use of the mouse which I find takes away from the game's pace. I would have preferred if there were hotkeys made available to carry out actions such as cycling through characters, selecting, deselecting, etc... However, there isn't really any complex micro management involved so this may not be an issue for some.

Also, the game is not without its bugs. There are several stability issues which quickly came to my attention. Sometimes loading your progress can cause the game to crash or an empty tile registers as a target, which also, causes the game to crash. The in-game menu options have a habit of not liking to work for you too. I would have liked if the player had more control over the saving of his/her progress; having use of save slots for example, instead of the auto save feature. Loading your game will keep the equipment you have gathered and such, but will still generate a random dungeon and selection of heroes.

In conclusion, it's a simple but stylized game that features bright graphics, interesting combat and good enemy AI. Unfortunately, it's hard to ignore the bugs and I find the game to be somewhat rough around the edges. It had great promise to be something better, but still remains a decent enough game. It won't keep you addicted for long, but it's worth giving a go.